We are excited working together with the best producers in their specific genre. Our sample pack genres range from electronic music to pop and alternative productions. Therefore, if you are interested in working with us, please reach out and use our contact form filled with some details about your person, your work and releases in the music industry no matter what kind of genre you are active in. We offer fair and lucrative deals without hassle.

Through Sample Hero you will reach a lot of new audience and attention from producers and listeners abroad. Our distribution network works with the biggest shops and clients regarding sample packs and preset libraries.
Sample Hero publishes and distributes any kind of genre no matter if electronic genres such as Techno, Minimal, Tech-House, Progressive House, PsyTrance, Chillout, Lounge, or non-electronic such as Pop or Country Music. We seek for the best producers in their specific genre as well as producers handing live instruments for sample packs related to sample-based packages e.g. sample library of Ukulele Sounds or Live Drums, Steel Guitar or Exotic instruments.
It depends on the genre and expertise you have but mainly we seek for a mixture pack to offer our costumers a well sorted and organized product. It should contain one-shots, loops – also loops that are key-labeled, midi files and presets or just a bank / library of presets for a specific plugin and genre. Next to the product you need to create at least one demo track showing your sounds inside of a track or placed a sequence into music.
It depends on the amount and quality of delivered files and material. We recommend, you contact us directly via our contact form below requesting a price or quote for your package/ product. Please tell us your artistname, a small bio, how many files and what kind of files you are able to deliver/ having ready to offer. We pay always the best prices on market after agreeing on contract.